Mexican Hat Valley of the Gods

Mexican Hat: Valley of the Gods, Goosenecks State Park & More

There are few towns with names as unusual as Mexican Hat, Utah – a town of a few dozen people about 25 miles north of Monument Valley. But there’s much more to Mexican Hat than a silly name, such as its namesake rock formation, Goosenecks State Park and Valley of the Gods, which many call

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Monument Valley Sunrise Photography Tour

Experiencing a Monument Valley Sunrise Tour

Monument Valley is arguably one of the most photogenic places on the planet. But a large portion of it is off-limits without a guide. To gain special access to the backcountry, you may want to consider a Monument Valley sunrise tour. There are two types of sunrise tours: basic tours and special photography tours, and you

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Mystery Valley Sunset Tour

Sunset Over Mystery Valley

Monument Valley is arguably one of the most beautiful places in North America – if not the entire planet. But visitors are only allowed access to a small portion of it without a guide. And one of the most popular guided excursions in the area is a sunset tour through the aptly-named Mystery Valley. Located

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Monument Valley Scenic Drive

The Monument Valley Scenic Drive: A Complete Guide

Thanks to its appearance in numerous influential films over the years, Monument Valley has become synonymous with the American West. Officially known as Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, it’s not a national park, as it’s managed by the Navajo Nation. And unlike public parks, non-locals are prohibited from accessing most of the area without signing up

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Visiting Hovenweep National Monument

The Mysterious Towers of Hovenweep National Monument

Shortly after the collapse of sites like Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, the unique Ancestral Puebloan city of Hovenweep arose in what’s now southeastern Utah. Hovenweep National Monument is mainly known for its well-preserved towers built in the 13th century. But their true function remains a mystery. Were they built for defense or perhaps long-distance

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Canyons of the Ancients Painted Hand Pueblo

A Tour Through Colorado’s Canyons of the Ancients

The Great Sage Plain, which encompasses southwest Colorado and southeast Utah, was settled between 500 and 1300 AD. In its heyday, it was the most densely-crowded part of the Ancestral Puebloan world. Today, a large portion of the area is part of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, which is home to a staggering thousands

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Cliff Palace Mesa Verde Guide

Mesa Verde National Park: The Ultimate Guide

Despite having been occupied for a relatively brief period of time, the cliff dwellings of Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park are arguably the most breathtaking archaeological sites in the United States. But with the park covering such a massive area, and with accessible attractions changing from year to year, planning a visit can be daunting.

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Hiking Valley of Dreams

The Valley of Dreams: Hiking to The Alien Throne

Northwestern New Mexico is home to some of the most bizarre yet strikingly beautiful rock formations on the planet. Under ordinary circumstances, such unique landscapes would attract hordes of visitors year-round. But the remote locations of the Valley of Dreams and nearby Bisti Badlands, which can only be accessed by traversing poorly-maintained dirt roads, keep

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Hiking Bisti Wings Trail

The Otherworldly Landscapes of Bisti Badlands

The American Southwest is home to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. But even with so much competition nearby, New Mexico’s bizarre Bisti Badlands is among the most breathtaking and unique parts of the region. With that being said, it hardly gets any visitors, and there’s a high chance you’ll have it

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Aztec Ruins National Monument

Visiting The Aztec Ruins National Monument & The Salmon Ruins

The Four Corners region of the Southwest United States is arguably the most archaeologically rich part of the country. While Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde are easily the top highlights, many visitors miss various smaller sites that are scattered throughout the region, such as the Aztec Ruins National Monument and the Salmon Ruins. Conveniently, they’re both

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Chaco Canyon Guide Pueblo Bonito

Chaco Canyon: The Ultimate Guide

Largely occupied between 800 and 1250 AD About 15 main complexes These are the largest manmade structures in what’s now the United States before it became a country The Puebloans likely abandoned the site due to a drought which started in 1130 (but why was it still occupied another 100 years?) Officially, it’s known as

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Visiting Bandelier National Monument

Exploring Bandelier National Monument & The Tsankawi Trail

Just about an hour outside of Santa Fe, Bandelier National Monument is a unique archaeological site consisting of dozens of cave dwellings carved into the walls of the scenic Frijoles Canyon. In the following guide, you can learn exactly what to expect from a visit to the main site, in addition to a hike along

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