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Jajce Fortress Jajce Guide

Jajce: The Ultimate Guide

Out of all of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s historic small towns, Jajce is probably the most essential. Not only does it have a well-preserved Old Town and fortress, but it uniquely features a large waterfall in its center. Further west, meanwhile, is a beautiful collection of historic watermills. In the following Jajce guide, we’ll be covering

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Travnik Guide

A Day in Travnik: The Forgotten Capital of Ottoman Bosnia

Located 90 km northeast of Sarajevo, Travnik is one of Bosnia’s most charming small towns. But while its main attractions can be seen in just a couple of hours, Travnik is much more historically important than it appears at first glance. Travnik, in fact, was long the seat of Bosnia’s Ottoman viziers. And in this Travnik guide,

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Visiting the Bosnian Pyramid of Visoko

Visiting the Bosnian Pyramid: Amazing Human Achievement or Hoax?

The so-called Bosnian Pyramid, located in the town of Visoko, is one of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most enigmatic yet controversial destinations. But regardless of your thoughts on the subject, there’s no denying that visiting the Bosnian Pyramid of Visoko and the nearby tunnels is an unforgettable experience. In the following guide, we’ll be going over

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Tunnel of Hope Unique Things to Do in Sarajevo

Top 5 Unique Things to Do in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, with its eclectic mix of classical architecture and scenic mountain surroundings, is easily the most interesting big city of the Balkans. But as heavy as the experiences can be, some of the most unique things to do in Sarajevo involve educating oneself about the Bosnian capital’s recent tragic past. Go on a War Scars Walking

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Visiting Sarajevo's Abandoned Bobsled Track

Visiting Sarajevo’s Abandoned Bobsled Track

In 1984, Sarajevo, then part of Yugoslavia, hosted the Winter Olympic Games – widely considered to be a resounding success. Plenty of new infrastructure was built for the event, and Sarajevo seemed to be heading in a positive direction. But things took a very dark turn less than a decade later. Currently, visiting Sarajevo’s abandoned bobsled

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Sarajevo Architecture Guide

Sarajevo Architecture: The Ultimate Guide

As cliché as it may sound, Sarajevo is truly a city where East meets West. Walking around Bosnia & Herzegovina’s bustling capital, you’ll find medieval mosques standing side by side with Central European structures and Neo-Moorish masterpieces. In this Sarajevo architecture guide, we’ll be covering the top landmarks to seek out during your time in

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Radimlja Necropolis

Visiting Stolac, the Radimjla Necropolis & Megalithic Daorson

Stolac is one of Herzegovina’s most historically important yet overlooked destinations. An easy drive from Mostar, the charming town is home to a hilltop fortress and well-preserved Ottoman bridges. But visiting Stolac is about more than just exploring the town center. Several kilometers outside of town is the Radimlja Necropolis, which hosts the country’s best

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Visiting Blagaj

Visiting Blagaj, Počitelj & the Kravice Waterfalls

Visiting Blagaj, Počitelj and the Kravice Waterfalls from Mostar is arguably Herzegovina’s most popular day trip – and for good reason. The excursion provides visitors with the perfect blend of history, culture and natural scenery. What’s more, is that most tour companies throw in an extra destination – Žitomislići Monastery, in my case. In the guide

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Things to Do in Mostar Guide

Mostar: The Ultimate Guide

Mostar is arguably Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most scenic destination, and its rapidly increasing tourism numbers reflect that. The picturesque Old Town was largely developed in the Ottoman era before suffering heavy damage during the brutal civil war of the 1990s. Fortunately, much of Mostar has been rebuilt with international aid, but reminders of the conflict

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Trebinje Guide

A Guide to Trebinje: Exploring East Herzegovina

Situated within the region of Eastern Herzegovina and the political entity of Republika Srpska, Trebinje gets considerably less attention than its neighbors. It feels like a world away from the nearby tourism hotspots of Dubrovnik and Kotor, and that makes it an ideal place to escape the crowds. In the following Trebinje guide, we’ll be going

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