Hangzhou West Lake

Exploring Hangzhou’s West Lake: Part One

Even though Marco Polo once called it the most splendid city in the world, Hangzhou remains a relatively obscure destination for foreign visitors to Asia. The city has been beloved by Chinese for centuries, however, and there’s even an old proverb which goes something like “Paradise in heaven, Hangzhou here on earth.” To be honest,

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Nanxun Huzhou Water Town

Nanxun: Huzhou’s Secret Water Town

Entering the town, I paused for a moment to wait out the rain under a covered walkway. For a little while it seemed like I was the only one there. But then I spotted some local residents across the canal, going about their daily chores. Some were hanging up laundry or sweeping the sidewalk, while

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Huangshan Anhui

Huangshan: Trekking Through the Kingdom in The Clouds

According to the map, I should’ve been standing directly in front of Huangshan’s third highest peak. But all I could see in front of me was a thick layer of fog – a total whiteout. Where was the peak I was supposed to climb? Maybe I made a wrong turn somewhere, I thought. I hesitated for

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