Yu Garden Shanghai Tower

A Journey Through Time on a Trek Across Shanghai

With only a single day to spend in Shanghai, I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle this megalopolis of nearly 25 million people. How is one supposed to go about making sense of such a massive and dense place in so little time? Furthermore, Shanghai is in a constant state of change, meaning that information

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Yiyuan Garden Window

Getting Lost in Suzhou’s Ancient Gardens

Classical Chinese gardens are deliberately designed so that no matter where you stand, you can never see the whole thing at once. Exploration is absolutely essential if you want to get the full picture. But even if you spend an entire day at a single garden, you’ll never discover all of its secrets. Certain pavilions

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Hangzhou City View

Beyond West Lake: 5 More Things to Do in Hangzhou

There’s so much to see around Hangzhou’s West Lake area that it can be easy to overlook the rest of the city. But there are still plenty more things to do in Hangzhou, Marco Polo’s favorite town. From massive pagodas to the Grand Canal to the residence of the city’s own deity, it’s well worth

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Leifing Pagoda

Exploring Hangzhou’s West Lake: Part Two

Hangzhou’s West Lake, long considered by the Chinese to be a “paradise on earth,” has so much to offer that it takes more than one day to explore. In Part One, we went over a full day walking itinerary for special landmarks along the lake’s northern half. Now we’ll be looking at the southern half.

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Hangzhou West Lake

Exploring Hangzhou’s West Lake: Part One

Even though Marco Polo once called it the most splendid city in the world, Hangzhou remains a relatively obscure destination for foreign visitors to Asia. The city has been beloved by Chinese for centuries, however, and there’s even an old proverb which goes something like “Paradise in heaven, Hangzhou here on earth.” To be honest,

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