Kayan Fortress Alaverdi

Alaverdi: Hiking from Sanahin to Haghpat

Hiking from Sanahin to Haghpat monasteries is one of northern Armenia’s most popular day treks. I set off on a crisp, clear autumn day and was surprised to find myself alone for the whole journey. Except, of course, at the UNESCO World Heritage sites themselves, which are increasingly gaining in popularity. Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries

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Alaverdi Debed Canyon

Exploring the Debed Canyon: Akhtala & Odzun Monasteries

Not even five minutes had passed since stepping off the minibus from Yerevan, and I’d already struck a deal for a trip around town with a local taxi driver. My main objective for visiting Alaverdi was a hike from Sanahin to Haghpat, two UNESCO World Heritage sites. ‘But why not kill some extra time on

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Lake Sevan Armenia

The Natural Beauty of Sevan & Dilijan

Lake Sevan and Dilijan are some of Armenia’s most popular weekend getaways. But what about visiting both in a single day? If relaxation is your goal, don’t bother. But if you’re hoping to get a glimpse of the region’s gorgeous scenery and visit a few impressive monasteries, one full day is plenty. And if you’re

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Gyumri Armenia

A Day in Gyumri: A Guide to Armenia’s Second City

Gyumri, Armenia’s second city, is absent from most travelers’ itineraries. Admittedly, it wasn’t on mine until I realized I had an extra free day in the country. But I’m glad I went, as a walk around Gyumri is like stepping back into the 19th century. In this Gyumri guide, we’ll go over the top highlights

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Zvartnots Cathedral

Exploring Etchmiadzin & Zvartnots Cathedral

Just a short bus ride from Yerevan, the small city of Etchmiadzin is home to many of the nation’s most important churches. In fact, it’s acted as the headquarters of the Armenian Apostolic Church for over 1700 years! Its Treasury Museum, which contains a piece of Noah’s Ark and the lance used to spear Jesus,

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Levon's Divine Underground Yerevan

Touring the Labyrinth of Levon’s Divine Underground

Behind a door in an unassuming residential district of Yerevan is a portal to another world. It’s hard to believe at first, but this vast underground network of caves was carved out over the course of decades by one single man. But for what? I hopped in a taxi to Levon’s Divine Underground to find out

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Karahunj Zorats Karer

Discovering South Armenia: Tatev Monastery & The Stone Circle of Karahunj

Cave houses, stone circles and underground passageways. These are just a few of the things awaiting visitors in the mysterious region of South Armenia, a place where relatively few venture. From the scenic mountaintop Tatev Monastery to Karahunj, one of the world’s oldest astronomical observatories, South Armenia has lots in store to please even the

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Garni Temple Armenia

Armenian Adventures: Garni Temple & Geghard Monastery

If ancient pagan temples, rock-carved monasteries and otherworldly geological formations are what you’re after, Armenia’s Kotayk Province is home to all three. Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery and the ‘Symphony of the Stones,’ all must-visit destinations in their own right, can easily be combined into a single day trip from Yerevan. And best of all, it’s

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Noravank Armenia

Touring the Monasteries of Khor Virap & Noravank

While Armenia may be a tiny country, it’s incredibly dense in terms of historical and religious landmarks. Just about every town, it seems, is home to at least one beautiful monastery set amongst a stunning natural backdrop. And in a single day trip from Yerevan, it’s easy to go and visit two of them: Khor

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Matenadaran Yerevan Armenia

A Weekend in Yerevan: A Guide to Armenia’s Pink City

Yerevan may have only been the Armenian capital since 1918, but the city just recently celebrated its 2,801st birthday. While Yerevan was first established by the ancient kingdom of Urartu, much of what we see today was added in the 1920s and ’30s. Nicknamed the ‘Pink City’ after the pink volcanic stone used to construct

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