Wat Chalermprakiat Lampang

Wat Chalermprakiat: Lampang’s Mysterious Mountain Temple

Completed in 2015, Lampang Province’s Wat Chalermprakiat is one of Thailand’s most spectacular mountain temples. Many who come across pictures of its misty peaks capped with white pagodas immediately want to know where it is. But the temple is in such a remote location that few actually ever make it there.  My case was no

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Wat Huai Pla Klang Chiang Rai

Wat Huai Pla Klang: Seeing Chiang Rai From Guan Yin’s Eyes

In addition to its lush green landscapes, Chiang Rai has become famous throughout Thailand for its unique and unusual temples. Most notably, the White, Black and Blue Temples, which help put a brand new spin on the traditional Thai wat. But unbeknownst to many visitors to the city, there’s yet another Chiang Rai temple that

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Silver Temple Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s 4 Most Unique Temples

Chiang Mai is a city of over 300 temples. While not quite as many as Bangkok’s 400, consider the size difference. The capital has roughly 55 times more people than Chiang Mai! With so many temples concentrated in such a small area, how does one choose where to go? While the historical temples of the

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

A Day on Doi Suthep: Chiang Mai’s Holy Mountain

Chiang Mai residents have always regarded Doi Suthep as sacred. It plays a role in the folklore of the ancient Haripunchai Kingdom, which long predates Chiang Mai’s establishment. And the original inhabitants of the area, the Lawa people, believed the mountain to be the home of their ancestral spirits. Nowadays, in addition to scenic waterfalls

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Wat Chedi Luang Chiang Mai

A Day in Chiang Mai’s Old City

Even today, the ancient historical district of Chiang Mai is widely regarded as the heart of the city. In addition to centuries-old temples, the district also pulls in visitors with its cozy coffee shops, night market and even street art. Simply put, no visit to Northern Thailand is complete without at least a day dedicated

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Sakon Nakhon Guide

Sakon Nakhon: Thailand’s Best-Kept Secret

Considering Thailand’s immense popularity with tourists, its northeastern Isaan region hardly gets the attention it deserves. The area is home to stunning landscapes, a rich cultural heritage and some of the friendliest locals you’ll encounter in the ‘Land of Smiles.’ While Isaan consists of 20 provinces in total, you can’t go wrong with Sakon Nakhon

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