Luxor Non-Royal Tombs Guide

Touring the Non-Royal Tombs of Luxor

Luxor (or Thebes) was the religious capital of Egypt throughout the entire New Kingdom period. Accordingly, this is where most of the important nobles’ tombs from the era can be found. And many of them still retain their vibrant color today. Even if you’ve spent considerable time at places like Saqqara, the tombs of Luxor

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Ramesses VI Tomb Valley of the Kings Guide

A Complete Guide to The Valley of the Kings (and Queens)

The Valley of the Kings, in use for around 500 years, is where most rulers of Egypt’s New Kingdom era chose to be buried. The tombs were carved into the limestone hill of Al-Qurn in Luxor’s west bank, which curiously resembles a pyramid. Today, these tombs provide us with valuable insight into how the Egyptians

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Hatshepsut Temple

Touring the Temples of Luxor’s West Bank

In ancient Egypt, the west side of the Nile River was synonymous with the setting sun, completion and death. That’s why, in addition to the tombs themselves, numerous pharaohs built elaborate temples here to sustain their spirit after death. While the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is undoubtedly the main highlight, there are some other gems,

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Luxor Temple Court of Ramesses II

Luxor Temple: The Temple of Man

In ancient Egypt, the temple was much more than a place of worship. Each one could be likened to a multidimensional book with a focus on a particular teaching. This interpretation was developed by French researcher R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, who spent nearly two decades at Luxor Temple, taking measurements and examining the reliefs. From

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Karnak Temple Guide Hypostyle Hall

A Guide to Karnak: Egypt’s Largest Temple

Karnak, the largest temple ever built by the ancient Egyptians, was in constant use for over 1,500 years. It was in a perpetual state of construction, which is quite fitting, as Karnak Temple was consecrated to creation itself. Accordingly, the complex is massive, and finding your way around can be confusing. This following Karnak Temple

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El Lahun Pyramid Egypt

Mazes and Mudbrick: The Pyramids of El Lahun & Hawara

The Middle Kingdom pyramids of El Lahun and Hawara aren’t on most travelers’ radars. In fact, the whole Middle Kingdom period (1975-1640 BC) itself often gets largely ignored. The era hasn’t left us with much that can compete with the Old Kingdom pyramids or with the New Kingdom temples of Luxor. Be that as it

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