Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town Attractions: The Ultimate Guide

Hoi An, central Vietnam’s former bustling trade port, remains one of the country’s most-visited locales. Visitors flock to the town to see its colorful buildings and its picturesque riverside views. Unfortunately, the ticketing system of Hoi An Ancient Town, where most of the main attractions are located, is far from straightforward. To prevent you from

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Hue Elephant Temple

7 Special Temples from Hue’s Imperial Era

Beyond the Imperial City and Royal Tombs, Hue has even more to offer those with a knack for exploration. While the imperial era of the Nguyen Dynasty is long gone, many of the pagodas and temples they founded or refurbished are still in operation. Some of the places on this list, like the Thien Mu

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Minh Mang Tomb Hue

Exploring the Royal Tombs of Hue

Spread throughout Hue’s quiet rural surroundings are six large and opulent tombs which remain architectural marvels to this day. The Nguyen emperors, who ruled Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, spent much of their time and immense wealth building extravagant monuments to none other than themselves. Though it can be disheartening to learn how the projects

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Hue Citadel Imperial City

The Hue Citadel: Inside the Walls of a Lost Imperial City

In 1777, a fifteen-year-old boy was forced into hiding after his entire family was killed. His name was Nguyen Phuc An, and he was the nephew of the final Nguyen lord who ruled over the southern half of Vietnam. As the lone surviving member of a once-powerful clan, he vowed to take revenge against their

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Cao Dai Holy See Vietnam

The Symbols & Ceremonies of the Cao Dai Holy See

A few hours’ drive from Saigon is the small town of Tay Ninh, a place few outside of Vietnam have heard of. Roughly six million people today, however, consider it their holy land. It was here in 1919 that a man named Ngo Van Chieu received a revelation during a séance. An entity known as Cao

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