Argo Cable Car Batumi Guide

A Weekend in Batumi: Georgia’s Quirky Second City on the Coast

Batumi, Georgia’s second-largest city, may be thousands of years old, but it now very much represents the ‘new’ Georgia. Skyscrapers are popping up at a staggering rate, while the city is often dubbed the ‘Las Vegas of the Caucasus.’ But in this Batumi guide, we’ll be digging a bit deeper beneath the surface, covering what

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Katskhi Pillar Georgia

Offbeat Georgia: The Katskhi Pillar & Chiatura

Central Georgia’s Imereti region is full of unusual attractions. In addition to visiting dinosaur footprints and an abandoned spa town, there are more offbeat and highly worthwhile destinations just east of Kutaisi. In a single day, you can visit the Katskhi Pillar, which is both a geological oddity and ancient religious site, along with the

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Hotel Savane Tskaltubo

Exploring the Abandoned Spa Town of Tskaltubo

Tskaltubo is, without a doubt, one of Georgia’s most unique destinations. The former spa town, home to a plethora of grand Stalin-era classical buildings, is now mostly in ruin. Long used by Soviet citizens for healing and relaxation, the decaying structures are now popular pilgrimage spots for adventurous urban explorers. Just don’t expect to find

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Colchis Fountain Kutaisi

A Weekend in Kutaisi: Caves & Cathedrals in Ancient Colchis

It may lack the coastline of Batumi or the nightlife of Tbilisi, but Kutaisi, Georgia’s third-largest city, is worth checking out. What makes the city unique is the variety of things one can do in a single weekend. Within a couple of days, you can explore classical architecture in the city center, visit centuries-old monasteries

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Chronicle of Georgia Tbilisi

Visiting the Gigantic Chronicle of Georgia Monument

Despite its gargantuan size, the Chronicle of Georgia monument remains off the radar for many Tbilisi visitors and residents alike. The modern art piece, created by renowned Georgian/Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli, is an homage to Georgia’s long and storied history. The huge monument consists of 16 columns towering at 35 meters high. Photographs fail to

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Old Tbilisi Guide

A Day in Old Tbilisi

If you only have a day or two in Georgia’s capital and are wondering what to do, the answer is simple: explore the Old City. The area is jam-packed with architectural gems, scenic viewpoints and a few random surprises. In this Old Tbilisi guide, we’ll cover the main highlights you can see in a day,

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Sighnagi Guide

Sighnagi: Exploring Georgia’s Most Scenic Town

Just 90 minutes by bus from Tbilisi, Sighnagi feels like a world away. Located atop a hill in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region, Sighnagi is synonymous with two things: scenery and wine. In the following Sighnagi guide, we’ll cover the best things to do and see in Georgia’s most picturesque town. While the landmarks of the

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Fabrika Tbilisi Street Art

Street Art: Tbilisi

The Georgian capital of Tbilisi is a city with ancient roots but one that’s also in the midst of some major transitions. Georgia’s creative scene has been slowly blossoming since the end of the Soviet era. Musically, the city is becoming an Eastern European counterpart to the clubbing mecca of Berlin. And, as evidenced by

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Svaneti Trekking Adishi to Iprali

Trekking from Mestia to Ushguli: Part Two

The hike from Mestia to Ushguli, which takes four days, is arguably Georgia’s most popular long-distance trek. And it’s easy to see why. The scenery is stunning and the trek doesn’t get too steep. Furthermore, trekking from Mestia to Ushguli offers insight into Georgia’s unique Svaneti region. The area is full of charming Svan towers

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Trekking from Mestia to Ushguli Zhabeshi

Trekking from Mestia to Ushguli: Part One

The four-day hike from Mestia to Ushguli is arguably Georgia’s most popular long-distance trek. And it’s easy to see why. The scenery is stunning and the trek is approachable for beginners. Furthermore, trekking from Mestia to Ushguli offers insight into Georgia’s unique Svaneti region. The area is full of charming Svan towers that you can’t

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Vardzia Georgia

Visiting the Vast Cave Complexes of Vardzia & Vanis Kvabebi

Mountain trekking and scenic monasteries aside, one of the best things to do in Georgia is visiting its ancient ‘cave cities.’ And the most famous among them is Vardzia, a large complex first established a thousand years ago. But while most visitors head straight there, there are a few other hidden gems to see along

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Rabati Castle Akhaltsikhe Georgia

Roaming Through Akhaltsikhe’s Rabati Castle

In the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of southwestern Georgia, the unassuming town of Akhaltsikhe is home to one of the country’s most unique – and also controversial – ancient fortresses. But perhaps ‘ancient’ isn’t the right word to describe Rabati Castle. Despite being over 1,000 years old, much of what visitors encounter today was hastily constructed in

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Hiking to Gergeti Glacier Kazbegi

Kazbegi: Hiking to Gergeti Glacier

The climb to Gergeti Glacier is arguably the most challenging, but also most scenic, day hike in Georgia’s Kazbegi region. Standing at over 3,000 meters above sea level, the glacier can be reached via a steep hike from town in about five hours. Despite the difficulty and lack of signage, hiking to Gergeti Glacier is

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Gergeti Trinity Church Kazbegi

Kazbegi: Hiking to Gergeti Trinity Church

Georgia’s main tourist attractions can pretty much be summed up in two words: mountains and monasteries. It’s no wonder then, why the mountaintop Gergeti Trinity Church has become an icon of the country. Located in the town of Kazbegi, just a few hours’ drive from Tbilisi, hiking to Gergeti Trinity Church deserves a prominent spot on

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Uplistsikhe Georgia

Exploring the Ancient Cave City of Uplistsikhe

Uplistsikhe is as fascinating to visit as it is difficult to pronounce. The ancient cave city may be as old as 3,000 years, and it long served as a major religious center of pre-Christian Georgia. It then continued to thrive for nearly a millennium after the country’s conversion, ultimately meeting its demise at the hands

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Mtskheta Georgia

Mtskheta: Touring the Monasteries of Georgia’s Ancient Capital

Despite being just 20 km outside of Georgia’s bustling capital of Tbilisi, Mtskheta feels like a world away. This charming little town, in fact, predates Tbilisi by nearly a thousand years. And it long served as the capital of the ancient kingdom of Iberia, the precursor to modern-day Georgia. Most day-trippers come to enjoy the

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David Gareja Cave Monastery

Crossing Country Lines at the David Gareja Cave Monastery

Walking up the steep dirt path, I stopped to look at a vulture flying over the otherworldly desert landscape. Meanwhile, a large lizard, seeking shade, dashed across a nearby pile of rocks. I was on my way to see some religious frescoes painted by cave-dwelling monks who once lived here centuries prior. But first, I

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