Prizren Guide Kosovo

Prizren: The Mosques & Monuments of Ottoman Kosovo

Prizren, the cultural capital of Ottoman Kosovo during the centuries-long occupation, remains the country’s most atmospheric city. And despite being Kosovo’s second-largest, Prizren is among the best-preserved Ottoman towns in the Balkans. If it weren’t for all the traffic, a walk through Prizren really would feel like a trip back to the Middle Ages. In

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Visoki Dečani Monastery

Exploring Northwest Kosovo: Peja, Visoki Dečani Monastery & Gjakova

Kosovo as a whole is about as obscure as it gets when it comes to travel in Europe. And those that do visit typically stick to Pristina and Prizren. The off-the-beaten-path northwest portion of the country, however, is home to scenic mountains and multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites. Both Peja’s Patriarchate of Peć and the Visoki

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Pristina Bear Sanctuary

Visiting Gračanica Monastery, Ulpiana & the Pristina Bear Sanctuary

Kosovo’s capital of Pristina is seen by many travelers as a place to pass through quickly. As atmospheric as the city center is, it has relatively little to offer tourists. But what often go overlooked are three  fascinating, yet entirely distinct, attractions on the city’s outskirts. Gračanica Monastery, the Ulpiana Roman ruins, and the Pristina Bear

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Pristina Guide Kosovo

A Day in Pristina: Experiencing Europe’s Youngest Capital

Kosovo’s capital of Pristina isn’t going to win any beauty contests, while the city only has a handful of significant tourist attractions. But Europe’s newest capital is buzzing with energy and brimming with potential, making it an exciting place to explore even for just a day. In the following Pristina guide, we’ll be covering the

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