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Visiting Sarajevo's Abandoned Bobsled Track
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Visiting Sarajevo’s Abandoned Bobsled Track

In 1984, Sarajevo, then part of Yugoslavia, hosted the Winter Olympic Games – widely considered to be a resounding success. Plenty of new infrastructure was built for the event, and Sarajevo seemed to

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Kayaköy Ghost Town

Wandering Through the Ghost Town of Kayaköy

Tucked away from southwest Turkey’s popular beach resorts is an eerie attraction like no other. The Kayaköy ghost town is not merely a collection of several abandoned buildings, but several hundred. And today, the

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Katskhi Pillar Georgia

Offbeat Georgia: The Katskhi Pillar & Chiatura

Central Georgia’s Imereti region is full of unusual attractions. In addition to visiting dinosaur footprints and an abandoned spa town, there are more offbeat and highly worthwhile destinations just east of Kutaisi. In

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NYC Central Park The Ramble

Five Secrets of Central Park

Designed back in the 1850’s, Central Park often tops the list of places to see in NYC, with millions visiting each year. But if you’re the type who generally avoids crowds and touristy

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Green-Wood Cemetery Sunset Park Brooklyn

Touring the Tombs of Green-Wood Cemetery

Back in the early 19th century, New York City was completely lacking in vast, open green spaces (Central Park wasn’t established until 1853). So when Green-Wood Cemetery, which stretches out to 478 acres, opened

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Pak Ou Caves

Cruising the Mekong to the Pak Ou Caves

The Pak Ou Caves near Luang Prabang contain Buddha statues in the thousands, and have been used for sacred purposes by locals for hundreds of years. Over time, they’ve also become one of

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Taman Festival Owl

Street Art: Sanur

Taman Festival park was once a family-friendly spot packed with thrilling rides, a 3D cinema and laser shows. First opening its doors in 1997 in the popular beach town of Sanur, the park

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