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Katskhi Pillar Georgia

Offbeat Georgia: The Katskhi Pillar & Chiatura

Central Georgia’s Imereti region is full of unusual attractions. In addition to visiting dinosaur footprints and an abandoned spa town, there are more offbeat and highly worthwhile destinations just east of Kutaisi. In

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Southern Great Wall Fenghuang

A Walk Along China’s Southern Great Wall

The Fenghuang Ancient Town area has plenty to do and see. One can spend several days in town, exploring its hidden spots and cobblestone backstreets. But if you purchase Fenghuang’s ¥168 ‘through ticket,’ you’ll

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Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie

Tianmen Mountain: Heaven’s Gate in Hunan

Tianmen Mountain, located in the northwestern part of Hunan Province, is one of China’s most impressive national parks. The mountain is home to a number of geological mysteries, such as a massive hole

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Khao Khanab Nam Krabi

Discovering the Caves of Krabi Town

Most who arrive at Krabi airport are eager to head straight to the beach. But the provincial capital, locally known as Krabi Town, is more than just a pass-through destination. From the town

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Mulu National Park Deer Cave

Mulu National Park: Exploring the Caves

Mulu National Park is home to some of the world’s most stunning geological formations – the Clearwater Cave and Deer Cave systems among them. Named after Mt. Mulu, the park is situated between

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