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Prizren Guide Kosovo

Prizren: The Mosques & Monuments of Ottoman Kosovo

Prizren, the cultural capital of Ottoman Kosovo during the centuries-long occupation, remains the country’s most atmospheric city. And despite being Kosovo’s second-largest, Prizren is among the best-preserved Ottoman towns in the Balkans. If

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Şanlıurfa Fish Lake Urfa Guide

A Guide to Şanlıurfa: The City of Prophets

With the recent discovery of nearby Göbekli Tepe, the city of Şanlıurfa has been placed firmly on Turkey’s tourism map. But Urfa, as most people call it, is an essential destination in its own right. In

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Mardin Guide

A Guide to Mardin: Turkey’s Most Beautiful City

Mardin, with its elegant limestone buildings overlooking the Mesopotamian plains, is arguably Turkey’s most beautiful city. It’s also one of the country’s most historically rich and culturally interesting, with the region being home

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Diyarbakır Citadel

Diyarbakır: The Ultimate Guide

Diyarbakır has long been considered a prized possession of the many kingdoms who managed to control it. Due to its strategic location along the Tigris River, it’s been continuously inhabited for thousands of

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Cairo Citadel

A Day in Islamic Cairo

No visit to Cairo is complete without a walk through Islamic Cairo, the medieval city established by the Fatimids in the 10th century. As you stroll down the district’s narrow alleyways, you’ll encounter

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