North Macedonia

Painted Mosque Tetovo

Visiting the Magical Painted Mosque of Tetovo

The small and unassuming city of Tetovo, less than an hour from North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje, is home to two hidden gems that largely get overlooked by tourists. It doesn’t matter if you’ve explored all of the old Ottoman districts throughout the Balkans, or even Turkey. The Painted Mosque of Tetovo is surely unlike

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Hiking From Matka Canyon to Vodno Mountain

Hiking From Matka Canyon to Vodno Mountain

Picturesque Matka Canyon, home to numerous caves and monasteries, and Vodno Mountain, known for its towering Millennium Cross, are two of Skopje’s most popular destinations. But few visitors are aware that they’re linked by a hiking trail, with the journey lasting just a few hours. Though not many attempt it, hiking from Matka Canyon to

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Skopje Guide

A Day in Skopje: A Guide to North Macedonia’s City of Statues

North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje is a historical, busy and often-times confusing place. Inhabited for thousands of years, the city center is home to remnants of the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Most of the monuments commemorating the region’s glorious Hellenistic past, on the other hand, were only erected in the last decade. In the following

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Krushevo Guide

A Day in Krushevo: A Guide to Macedonia’s Most Charming Small Town

Krushevo is one of the Balkans’ highest settlements at an altitude of 1,350 m. But Krushevo has a few other distinctions that make it one of North Macedonia’s must-visit small towns. Not only was it the location of the legendary Ilinden Uprising against Ottoman rule, but it’s arguably the country’s best place to see well-preserved

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Stobi Ruins North Macedonia

Visiting the Overlooked Ruins of Stobi

The ancient city of Stobi is an obscure archaeological site in an already overlooked country, North Macedonia. But while few have heard of it, it’s larger and arguably more impressive than the better-known Heraclea Lyncestis, with which it shares a similar history. Located near the town of Gradsko, Stobi can either be visited as a day

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Hiking Pelister National Park

Hiking Pelister National Park: The Highest Peak & The Pelister Eyes

Created in 1948, Pelister is North Macedonia’s oldest national park. Home to Baba Mountain and its eight peaks, the park was named after the very highest one, Pelister, which reaches up to about 2601 m. Other highlights of hiking Pelister National Park include a trek to the Pelister Eyes, two scenic lakes not far from

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Heraclea Lyncestis Bitola

Heraclea Lyncestis: North Macedonia’s Best-Known Archaeological Site

Heraclea Lyncestis, founded over 2,000 years ago, is North Macedonia’s most well-known archaeological site, largely due it well-preserved mosaics and ancient theater. At just 20 minutes on foot from central Bitola, visiting couldn’t be easier. You’ll have plenty of time to visit the ruins in the morning before touring the landmarks of Bitola, North Macedonia’s

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Ohrid Guide

A Guide to Ohrid: Macedonia’s Lakeside City of Light

The historical town of Ohrid is North Macedonia’s most popular tourism hotspot. Situated along a hill at the edge of Lake Ohrid, few other cities in the region can rival its picturesque setting. While Ohrid’s main appeal is taking things slow and soaking up the atmosphere, the town is home to historical churches, an ancient fortress

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Visiting Sveti Naum

Visiting Sveti Naum Monastery & The Bay of Bones

No trip to North Macedonia’s lakeside city of Ohrid would be complete without visiting Sveti Naum Monastery. Also known as St. Naum, the scenic monastery is situated about 29 km south of town, just next to the Albanian border. While there are a few different ways to get there, you can’t go wrong with a

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