Rozafa Castle Shkodër Guide

Top 5 Things to Do in Shkodër

Shkodër may not have the energy of Tirana, the charm of Korçë, or the seaside views of Vlorë. Nonetheless, as Albania’s second-largest city, there’s plenty to do to warrant a stay of at least a few days. In the following guide, we’ll be going over the top things to do in Shkodër, the capital of

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Hiking to the Blue Eye in Theth

Theth: Hiking to the Blue Eye & Grunas Waterfall

Theth is arguably the most beautiful village in Albania – and possibly in the entire Balkans. While the long hike from Valbonë to Theth is undoubtedly the top hike in the region, hiking to the Blue Eye is well worth staying an extra night in town for.  The mesmerizing turquoise pool of water can be reached

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Hiking From Valbonë to Theth

Hiking from Valbonë to Theth: The Best Hike in the Balkans

The Accursed Mountains, a mountain group shared by Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkans. And one of the best ways to experience them is by hiking from Valbonë to Theth, two scenic villages in a remote part of northeast Albania.  It’s one of the most popular

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Korçë Guide

A Weekend in Korçë: Albania’s Most Charming City

The southeastern Albanian city of Korçë doesn’t appear on a lot of people’s itineraries. And to be fair, other than the Museum of Medieval Art, the city has few must-see attractions. But what a visit to Korçë, long regarded as Albania’s intellectual center, is really about is soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the traditional architecture. In the following Korçë

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Përmet Guide

Përmet: The Big Rock, Bënjë Thermal Springs & More

Few foreign visitors have heard of the southern Albanian town of Përmet, nicknamed the ‘City of Roses.’ But as small and remote as it may be, Përmet is home to some unique attractions that you can’t find anywhere else. For starters, the town center is home to a  peculiar massive rock that towers over its

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Hadrianopolis Albania

Antigonea & Hadrianopolis: Albania’s Most Overlooked Archaeological Sites

Gjirokastër is undoubtedly one of Albania’s most endearing historical towns. But not many visitors realize that there were once large cities on the valley floor that thrived throughout the Hellenistic and Roman eras. While little of Antigonea or Hadrianopolis remain, those who put forth the effort will be rewarded with both stunning scenery and a

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Gjirokastër Guide

Gjirokastër: The Ultimate Guide

Gjirokastër is arguably Albania’s most magical town. While Greco-Roman cities had long flourished at the valley floor, the hillside city we see today was largely established during the Ottoman era. Thanks to its hundreds of traditional houses and its massive fortress, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. In the following Gjirokastër guide, we’ll

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Sarandë Guide

A Guide to Sarandë: Exploring the Albanian Riviera

The small coastal city of Sarandë is arguably Albania’s most popular tourism hub. But aside from making a great base for the ruins of Butrint, does Sarandë live up to the hype? Perhaps not. Nevertheless, you can still find several interesting places in both the city center and short distances out of town. In the

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Visiting Butrint

Visiting Butrint: Albania’s Top Archaeological Site

Situated within a vast and scenic national park, Butrint is easily the top archaeological site in Albania. The site is home to ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras, in addition to well-preserved medieval fortresses. An easy trip from nearby Sarandë, visiting Butrint should not be missed by anyone traveling in southern Albania. In the following

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Vlorë St. Mary's Monastery

Vlorë Excursions: Kaninë Castle & St. Mary’s Monastery

Vlorë, Albania’s third-largest city, is most known for its beaches. But the city’s outskirts contain some interesting and overlooked historical gems for those looking to break up their time lazing in the sun. Visiting Kaninë Castle and St. Mary’s Monastery are some of the top things to do in Vlorë, while we’ll also be covering

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Apollonia Ruins

Visiting the Ruins of Apollonia

Apollonia, located near the modern city of Fier, is one of Albania’s most prominent archaeological sites. It was once a thriving port and renowned center of learning, with Emperor Octavian himself having studied here. While the city had as many as 60,000 inhabitants at its peak, only a small percentage of the vast Apollonia ruins

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Around Mangalemi Berat Guide

Berat: The Town of a Thousand Windows

Berat is a town that feels stuck in time – in a good way. While once an outpost of the Byzantine Empire, the town emerged as a thriving crafts center from the 17th century, becoming one of Ottoman Albania’s most important cities. And modern Berat remains home to hundreds of well-preserved houses, making it one

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Durrës Guide

A Day in Durrës: Albania’s Most Historic Coastal City

Durrës, just an hour from Tirana, is Albania’s most developed and crowded beach town. But whether or not the party atmosphere is what you’re looking for, the city also happens to be one of Albania’s most historically significant. In the following Durrës guide, we’ll be covering the top attractions the city has to offer, all of

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Krujë Castle

Visiting Krujë Castle: The Heart of Skanderbeg’s Rebellion

An easy day trip from Tirana, Krujë Castle was the base of operations for Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. As fantastical as it may sound, the military commander went undefeated against the Ottomans throughout his entire life. In fact, the Ottomans managed to breach the legendary walls of Constantinople before they succeeded in taking Krujë’! And they

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Pyramid of Tirana Guide

A Weekend in Tirana: The Pyramids & Bunkers of Albania’s Quirky Capital

Tirana certainly isn’t the type of city people imagine when they think of European capitals. And many visitors merely pass through on their way to Albania’s beaches and historical towns. Tirana, however, has a few special attractions that you simply can’t find anywhere else. In the following Tirana guide, we’ll be covering the city’s must-see

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